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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - Starting Somewhere

Sometimes, when faced with something difficult, you just have to start.

I recently was given the opportunity to do something that I once dreamed about - way back in another another lifetime - one that involved professional clothing and an actual, monetary paycheck.

I had forgotten about this dream.  As change after change happened for us, I became focused on what was right in front of me.  These changes allowed me to focus completely on feeding babies and first steps and being with my family, but sometimes I looked back on all those things I used to dream about and wondered just why God had me work so hard to prepare for them if I would never have the opportunity to use them - at least, use them outside of my family.

And then this opportunity came.  I realized that perhaps my dreams hadn't been exchanged completely for new ones. Perhaps they were just shelved, waiting for the right time.  Maybe God had other plans for me - or maybe He just had different timing.

So with the dusting off of these dreams came this opportunity - and after thinking through what to say and getting the right background noise, I found myself sitting in front of my computer, a nice blank screen before me, totally devoid of words.

I fidgeted.  I wiggled.  I found something to drink and checked my email.

Then I decided to type.  Something.  Anything.  To put a word on the page would surely take me someplace, and Someplace had to be better than Noplace.  Surely Someplace could later be edited and rearranged and improved upon.

So I began.  Feeling rather foolish, I began to type - and within seconds was caught up in words and page layouts and finding the proper terminology.

The rest of my afternoon flew by, and rather than feeling frustrated at my small accomplishment, I felt accomplished.  Not finished - not done - but started.  I had accomplished something, and in beginning, I was well on my way.  I now had a path to follow, a thread of thoughts to tug, and a verbal conversation to continue.

Sometimes, when a task seems insurmountable, you need only begin.

What's facing you today that seems too hard?

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  1. I LOVE that you are going after a dream!! Good for you, mama!!