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Monday, July 8, 2013

"The Wishing Tree" by Marybeth Whalen

The Wishing Tree
Ivy Marshall isn't having a good day.  She's just discovered that her husband is having an affair on the very same day that her oh-so-perfect sister receives a romantic proposal - on national television.  Running home to Sunset Beach, home to her high school years and former fiance, will Ivy pick up where she left off with her handsome fiance, or will she attempt to work things out with her husband?
The Wishing Tree is an emotional landmine of  past issues, present pains, and unresolved futures.  It presents a realistic look at how our choices and our relationships affect the path that our lives take.
Ivy made for an interesting lead character.  It was difficult for me to relate to her at first - every time I thought I had her figured out she would surprise me all over again!  Not all of these surprises were happy ones, however.  Although I understand that Ivy's actions were usually a result of past pain, seeing her toy with her former fiance's affections was frustrating.  This quick turn from one man to another made Ivy feel flaky to me, yet I thought that the questions she was working through were real and authentic.  
That was the best part of this story.  Ivy began the story at odds with nearly her entire family, and so Ivy had many relationships to mend and come to terms with, especially on top of the trouble with her marriage.  Throughout the course of the story Ivy began to see her actions in terms of faith and to choose right and not just what felt good.    These steps toward maturity added great depth and planted me firmly on Ivy's side.
Put The Wishing Tree in your beach bag and get ready for a roller coaster ride through love, marriage, and finding your way back to faith.
I received a free copy of The Wishing Tree from Marybeth Whalen in exchange for an honest review.

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