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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Art Pages Review & Giveaway!

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As my Big Helper's interest in art grew over the last few months, I've found several wonderful resources for teaching her how to do the art she likes.  Nothing can replace See the Light's Art Class DVDs for methodically teaching technique!

I haven't figured out how to teach her about famous works of art yet, though - at least, not in a un-researched, easy-on-Mommy way.

Until now.

It really couldn't be easier.  Erica Johns at Classical Composer just added Fine Art Pages to her previous musical offerings.  This set of 25 pages is almost like a mini-study guide in poster format.  

Each page features a famous work of art at the top, followed with a few tidbits of information about the artist, when it was created, what medium was used, where it can be seen now, and a fun fact.

With big print and only the most important information to remember, these are great for printing off and hanging around the house.  It won't take any work on my part to stick these up and watch the kids read them.

After that, we could talk about them, move them around, compare the art pieces to others, or discuss which we'd most like to see - or to recreate.  These could even be a springboard for more independent study on the kids' part - they could find out more about each artist or what sorts of other things s/he created.

Since My Big Helper knows very few pieces of famous art besides van Gogh's Starry Night and was already comparing the new retro swirls in our local McDonald's to that painting, I can't wait to see what she comes up with when she can identify more art.

You can see a sample of these Fine Art Pages here.  You can also find a free sample of a composer resource here.  There's even a Claude Monet freebie.  Erica Johns is very generous!

These Fine Art Pages will retail for $14.95 but are currently on sale for this week only for $9.95, so if this is a resource you'd like to utilize, click over and make your purchase today!

Classical Composers is not just something that you download, however; it's something you join and have ongoing access to as resources are created, artists are spotlighted, and new features are added.  Erica Johns is giving one free membership to a lucky A Nest in the Rocks reader!

Enter via the widget below.  Good luck!


* I received a free membership to Classical Composers' Fine Arts Pages in exchange for an honest review.  


  1. I do try to include art in our homeschooling adventure. It makes life much more enjoyable!

  2. My son is too young for home schooling right now, but we do complete art projects every day!

  3. Emily QuesenberryJuly 3, 2013 at 1:38 AM

    We have art scheduled every week. We sometimes get to it and sometimes don't. We split it up between artist studies using the Getting to Know the World's Greatest artist series and and a book that teaches art concepts like light, color, shading, etc.

  4. I homeschool my three children ages 8, 6 and 5 and include art class four days per week along with music appreciation!

  5. I include art class at least once a week, but we have not studied artists and styles. This would be great.

  6. I include art class at least once a week, but we have not studied artists and styles. This would be great.

  7. We have used Five in a Row in the past and only included the art that is built into the curriculum. I definitely need to expand!

  8. Yes, we include art. We've done some very basic monthly art appreciation for 3 years now and love it. I would like something that is already done for me though so I don't have to come up with everything.