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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - Establishing Routines & AiO Giveaway!

On Monday I shared with you what our regular school days look like.  

Today I want to tell you more about our devotional schedule.

When My Big Helper was little-little, I tried to have devotions in the morning.  I tried to have devotions in the morning, but every morning ended up different, depending on where and when we were heading out that day.

Eventually we ended up having devotions at night, and that worked for years.  

Then our schedule changed again.  With one child in school and an early bedtime important, we struggled to find a time to read and discuss scripture.

When we moved to full-time homeschooling, I played around with this a little, and now my study Bible lives on our kitchen table.

We try to read at breakfast, and some days that works.  Others, when we're rushed to leave, we might not make it -but it's still there at lunchtime.

This has been different than anything we've done before, but we like it.  The kids often ask me to read more, and we have the rest of mealtime to talk about what we've read.  We're not so rushed, and this gives us time to discuss what we're learning.

I've also noticed My Big Helper making connections between what we're reading and what she's reading on her own.  She's starting to tell me when she remembers hearing a particular verse before, or connect it to something that's happened.  

Sometimes schedules need to be fluid.  Sometimes we need to watch for teachable moments.  Sometimes, we do what works, even when it's a bit different.

This is what works for us.  How do you make crazy schedules work?

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