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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You have a wonderful husband!

That's what a new friend said to me this past week as we were talking. I can't even remember the offhand comment I made, but she exclaimed, "From the way your husband made your ring and ______, you must have a wonderful husband!"

I do. I really do. Unfortunately, though, the urgency of daily life rears its ugly head, and sometimes I forget to notice that he's kindly tucked someone into bed for me or unloaded the dishwasher (I despise that job!). I forget to appreciate that he never asks me to iron his dress shirts or hang up his ties and that he doesn't complain when I've left another book toppling over onto what's supposed to be his nightstand.

Sometimes I only notice how tired I am by the time he's worked a full day AND volunteered his time at Kiwanis and I forget to say 'thank you' for caring about people in our community.

Sometimes I don't think to tell him how proud I am of him for solving the crazy hose problem that took an hour to fix or that I love how he not only fixed that clogged drain, but scrubbed out the bathtub, too.

My friend's words have stuck with me all week. My husband is a really wonderful man. My head knows it - so why do my lips not voice their appreciation more often?

This week, I will make more of an effort to tell my husband how proud I am of him. Thanks, Susan, for reminding me - I really DO have a wonderful husband!

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  1. Sometimes it is so easy to forget how wonderful the men we married are. I know I'm guilty of it and I get so frustrated with him. I'm glad you remembered today!