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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Curtain Savvy People

My daughter recently asked to paint her room purple.  Since she was about to turn 6 and still living in her 'nursery' room, it seemed to be time.  My husband painted away and two days later she was all ready to move back into her room, which now resembles the inside of a blueberry yogurt tub, but for one problem:  the curtains needed to be rehung.

I had washed them and even ironed them, though that is not a strong suit of mine, but still, it took me hours to get the right curtain panel on the right rod and in the right place.  I'm that curtain deficient.  It's not my thing.

As I ironed and moved and climbed up and down stepladders, I thought about all of the curtains in our house.  Though I've made several sets of them, they are mostly all the same basic style and just get washed, ironed (maybe starched), and rehung.  They don't ever change.  Even with our daughter's drastic change from mint green to blueberry yogurt, her same basic white panels still worked.

With all of that, what did I learn?  I am SO not a curtain girl.  But I'm really, really glad that there are people out there who are know about valances and panels and ties and drapes and who knows what all.  I'm glad they can help me pick out what I need and that my husband can get out his mighty-man drill and install the hardware.  I'm thrilled with how the right kind of window treatment can make a room look cozy and put together and complete.

But most of all, I'm glad that I don't have to be one of those people.

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