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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Small Things

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."  Matthew 6:34

This was my great-grandmother's favorite Bible verse.  She didn't quote it every day or anything, but I remember hearing it referenced a few times and even seeing her read it from her Bible once.  What made the biggest impression was perhaps that she had this calmness, this peace, about her that proved she really BELIEVED this verse.  She knew that God was taking care of her and she didn't need to worry.

Whenever a larger-than-usual storm of life looms on the horizon, I think about Grandma and this verse, and I KNOW that it will be okay.  While those storms can still be stressful, there's still a kind of peace that exists in the midst of it, because I know that God will turn even that craziness into good.

But I'm not so good about the little things.  You know, the things that Francesca Battistelli sings about in her new song This is the Stuff.  Stuff like, 

Or whether I'll be able to find the fruit I want on sale, or will Wal-mart actually have whole wheat flour this week?  So while I was out for a rare grocery run alone last week, I hit a local store that has great clearance sections in nearly every department, and upon leaving, I realized that for only 1/3 of my weekly grocery budget, I had filled in all of our more urgent gaps.  Combined with what we had and another sale we'd be hitting later in the week, we were looking quite good to go.  Why did I worry?  Didn't I know that God would provide?  Sure, but I guess I don't often think about God and my groceries in the same mental sentence.  Maybe I should start, though.  He's obviously still taking care of us, whether we need apples or car seats, so why do I stress about it?

I shouldn't.

As Battistelli goes on to say,

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