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Monday, April 25, 2011

GratiTuesday: From Brain Tumors to Birthdays

About five years ago we found out that we were pregnant.  We were wildly excited and started planning baby names and nursery themes when we had the big five-month appointment.  We couldn't wait to see our baby moving on the big screen, but the technician was much quieter than we expected.  The doctor ushered us into his office and explained that our baby had two tumors growing on the brain.  He said that they might go away completely - that they usually do - but if they didn't, our baby could suffer anything from learning disabilities to deformities to more serious unnamed problems.

We waited for two long, dreadful months and had another test.

The tumors were gone.

On Friday my Little Man turned four.  He's happy and healthy and has no side effects from whatever tumors once resided on his brain.  But every year, when we celebrate another birthday, I remember those two months of waiting and wondering ...

and it makes me realize how grateful I am that my Little Man can enjoy the simple pleasures of a bike on a sunny day.

I'm grateful for his smile when he flies through the air on our faux tire swing and yells, "Higher, Mommy!"

I'm grateful for tree climbing with Papa on his birthday outing ...

and for his innate inquisitiveness as we explored Duke Gardens.

I'm grateful for two children who love each other and are best friends ...

and even survive random falls into tiny froggy ponds while chasing bubbles.

I'm grateful for my All-American boy who loves baseball and popcorn and celebrated his big day watching the Durham Bulls lose miserably.

And I'm grateful for the peaceful sleep of an exhausted boy, happy after a day of birthday celebrations.

Brain tumors?


For us, it's all about the birthdays.

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