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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tai Kwon Do

This week we were visited by Mr. Earl Fuller, of Earl Fuller's Tai Kwon Do Center.  He taught the kids the basic principles of the martial arts.

Since the term 'martial arts' means 'the art of war,' I was a bit worried about this one.  I know very little about the martial arts except that they require extreme discipline and strength, and while I believe those are both great things to possess, I was a bit worried about introducing my very impressionable son to them.

Once again, I worried needlessly.

Mr. Fuller started out by explaining that the basic tenets of the martial arts are the same as those that govern all of life.  He talked about the importance of goal setting and then moved on to stranger danger.  He emphasized that the only time someone should use their martial arts skills are in times if immediate, physical danger - and when running away has not worked.

Mr. Fuller showed the kids six blocking techniques that they could use to stop people from touching or harming them in various ways.

The first, putting your hands up and facing out, means "Stop!"

Another, if someone is swinging at your head, involves ducking and turning from the waist.

Mr. Fuller showed that you should never try to stop someone reaching for your leg or foot with your hands, as this leaves your head exposed.

Instead, he recommended bringing up your knee to stop them.

Lastly, if someone is kicking down low at your feet or legs, simply jump up and over the attack.

Finally, Mr. Fuller spoke about the importance of exercise and proper nutrition.

I was very impressed with Mr. Fuller's presentation.  He gave the children information about martial arts techniques, but also gave them practical information that they can use every day.  He was careful to emphasize the proper purpose of the martial arts and how they incorporate into everyday life.

If we ever decide that our children should have martial arts lessons, we will definitely go to Mr. Fuller.  And if you've never considered it, check it out.  Mr. Fuller even gives three free classes to people who want to try it!

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