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Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - April 25, 2011

We're finally settling back in to normal around here! I'm very excited about that.  I roasted a ham on Easter, and our meal plan for the week will reflect the abundance of ham that we have.  What we don't use this week, I'll chop and freeze for use on pizzas, salads, in soups, and in breakfast casseroles.  Since my husband isn't a big fan of leftovers, however, I try to 'remake' everything into something else!

scrambled eggs and oranges
banana muffins and watermelon X2
orange muffins and oranges X2
Cereal and bananas
Cinnamon rolls and oranges

Lunches continue to be sandwiches and veggies for the kids, yogurt and fruit for me, and sandwiches and fruit for my husband.  We like routines around here ...

Monday:  Grab it and Growl
Tuesday: Baked potato bar with diced ham, steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower, and cheese; salad
Wednesday: Ham and cheese stromboli, salad
Thursday: Spaghetti, salad
Friday: Grilled Pizza, sliced veggies
Saturday: A cookout of some sort

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)I am following your blog! Erin