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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Working Together

Sometimes, I'm happy to put off a cleaning project to spend time with the kids.

Sometimes, I can't wait another minute to get that project finished.

This one was like that.

I'd faithfully 'mopped' my floor with one of those add-a-wet-pad-and-scrub type of mops from the store, but they just don't take the place of a bucket full of Lysol water and an old rag for scrubbing.  It just feels cleaner, you know?  So despite the fact that my Little Man wanted to play, this floor just had to be scrubbed.

Since it was already dirty, though, I thought ... why not make it dirtier?

Luke wanted to help, and my little boy just LOVES to clean up really messy messes, so I gave him one!  I used a dry erase marker to put letters in the blocks in a certain area of the floor - just a bit away from where I was scrubbing.

I called out a letter, and Luke used a baby wipe to wipe it off the floor as he found the letter and it's match.  When he had erased them both, I called a new one.  I continued to draw sets of letters on the floor for him as we moved around the room.  He had fun matching the letters, and he loved seeing how dirty his wipe got from the green marker!

** Be sure that you use a dry erase or other easily cleanable marker, and test it before using.  Ours cleaned up easily, but my husband would not have been happy if we had turned the entire kitchen into an alphabet board!

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