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Monday, April 18, 2011

GratiTuesday - Tornadoes

Saturday was my son's fourth birthday party.

It was also the day that massive storms took over North Carolina and the surrounding states.

As the guests arrived, it began to rain buckets.  As we gathered in the living room and Luke settled down to open his presents, the lighs flickered over and over.  We lit candles and, having no recent update as to the storm's intensity, assumed we were having a bad storm.

There wasn't much thunder or lightening that we could see, so we lit a few candles and moved on with the party.

By the time we sang to the birthday boy and cut the cake, the rain was over and the sun had come back out.

Then the reports started to come in.  A local charter school, only ten miles to the north of us, lost its roof and sustained a lot of damage.  Trees are down all over the county, and many houses are damaged.

While this is all horrible, it's not even the worst of it.  As far as we've heard, only one tornado was spotted in our county, but only two counties south, hundreds of houses were damaged or destroyed outright.  People died.

So today, I'm grateful for our cozy little cluttered house.  I'm grateful for our intact roof and the walls holding it up.  I'm thankful for my getting-bigger boy who was so intrigued by the candles that he didn't question their necessity.  But mostly, I'm grateful for my family, who came through this round of storms safely.  So many didn't.

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