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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do ... Making Wunch

My Little Man is going through a growth spurt.  Either that, or he's suddenly mutated into a bottomless pit!  :-)

Yesterday nothing seemed to fill him up, and he was ready for lunch waaayyyyyyy early.  I tried to hold him off just a bit, and suddenly his face lit up.

"Mommy, I'll make wunch!" he announced.  He ran to wash his hands, then pulled a kitchen chair over to the counter.  He's only attempted his lunch once before, but he was positive that he could do it, so ....

He found a butter knife and asked for bread, a plate, and peanut butter.  He tried to get some peanut butter on his knife ...

and then tried spreading it.  It's hard to spread what you can't see, however, so it took a few tries.  Eventually he had enough peanut butter for three sandwiches all stuck right in the middle.  He was happy with that.

Jelly proved to be even harder to get out of the jar, and he didn't want my help, but that did make it easier to spread.

After that, he put the top on a few times - it took a few tries to get it lined up to his satisfaction - and then he patted it down to make sure it would stay.

It certainly wasn't the prettiest sandwich - but he was super happy to eat it.  He was very proud of his efforts, and we had fun laughing together in the kitchen.

What more can you ask for out of a good meal?

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