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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick & Easy Ways to Earn SwagBucks

Yesterday I told you how I purchased my new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner for only $17 using gift cards earned with SwagBucks.

I thought I'd share my favorite ways to earn SwagBucks with you today.  (Did I mention you earn 100 Bonus SwagBucks if you join today?  It's free to sign up, as always, too!)

It's not even 10 AM yet, and I've earned 31 SwagBucks already today.  Here's how I hit an average of 30 SwagBucks each day:
  • Do the Daily Poll.  It's located under the 'earn' tab on the SwagBucks homepage, and it takes about 2 seconds to do.  You can earn one SwagBuck for doing this each day.  That's 365 SwagBucks a year - nearly enough for an Amazon gift card right there.
  • Sometimes you'll be prompted after the poll to watch a short video.  Hit play and then go make your breakfast - the videos are short and you earn a few points for letting them play all the way through.
  • SEARCHING is by far my favorite.  Usually I'll snag between 7 - 11 a few times a day just for searching the 'Net for the things I want to do anyway - checking the weather, reading the news, or pulling up my favorite blogs.  I've even gotten as many as 50 at a time this way - though that's more rare, and usually on Fridays, when the SwagBuck rewards are higher.
  • Check out the Special Offers.  These often include more of those super short videos that you can play through and earn a few.  Today an offer included signing up for a major company's newsletter.  I sent it to my extra email account and earned 23 SwagBucks in literally seconds.
All of these are quick to do and earn SwagBucks, which you can then trade in for gift cards to lots of places - my personal favorite being the Amazon variety, since I can buy about anything there.  I've gotten books for Bible study, digital camerals for Christmas gifts, scooters for birthday presents, and, most recently, my new vacuum cleaner.  It may not seem like 7 here and 11 there is very much, but they add up quickly!

These are my favorite ways to earn, but there are oodles of others, like printing coupons from the SwagBucks website and redeeming them when you shop.  Check it out and see what works best for you!

**You can also earn matching SwagBucks up to 1000 by making a referral.  There are lots of ways to refer others, but it's important to know that TODAY ONLY you can earn extra referral matching Swag, so if you have a friend who hasn't joined, tell them about it today and you could earn your first SwagBucks gift card REALLY fast!

*The above links contain my referral link.  If you join using it, I'll earn matching SwagBucks from you just like you would if a friend signs up from you - but I receive no other compensation from telling you about this - I just love the program!  (I also have my eye on a new bread machine for the family ....)  Thanks for using it.

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