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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Dirt Devil for $17!

When we moved to this house over seven years ago, we bought a new vacuum cleaner.  As it's aged, issues have popped up - and my husband has diligently kept it running.  He's taken it apart, cleaned out tubes, replaced belts, etc.

But this time, nothing will keep it going.  The bottom part doesn't have any suction left - and the tools work through a cracked hose.

So the time came to choose a new vacuum cleaner.

After doing some research, I chose a Dirt Devil.  I found a particular model with great reviews and all the features I wanted - except the price.

Now, I realize that $89 isn't horrible for a sweeper - there are many models that cost many times more than that - but I didn't want to pay more than I had to.

So I checked on Amazon.  After all, I've been stockpiling my SwagBucks for a while now, so I began to turn them in for Amazon gift cards.

On Friday they all arrived in my inbox.  I checked the Amazon price of the sweeper, and it had gone on sale for $17 less than the first sale price that I saw!  After adding my gift cards via SwagBucks into the equation, I was now paying $17 - plus $16.50 for shipping.

Then I saw that if I signed up for an Amazon Prime trial membership, I could save that shipping fee AND my sweeper would arrive in two days instead of five.

So yesterday my brand new Dirt Devil was delivered to the house - all for only $17.  Sure beats that original $89 + $16.50, doesn't it??

If you're new to SwagBucks, it's a great way to earn points for online searches you would do anyway - and then trade them in for gift cards.  Check it out here!  New signees get extra points right now, so it's a great time to join.

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