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Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - June 11, 2012

This week we're having a working stay-cation.  My husband has the week off, and with some much-needed projects to be done around the house, we're staying pretty close to home (though we might incorporate a day trip or two in there somewhere).

With the Big Helper out of school, the husband home but busy, and the Little Man determined to continue his volcano unit, I'm not sure what's happening this week.  I think that simple is the best plan for us right now - and healthy, too; we're all running in races on Saturday!

So here are some meals that I might make this week, assuming that there are people here around mealtime each day to eat them.

Now that we may be home a bit more, breakfasts might be less intense for the summer.  The kids need serious protein on days when they have to be out and about, but when we're home and lazy, or just plain out in the heat, we go for simple.


- fresh peaches with Cinnamon Almond Granola (I discovered this over the weekend - the perfect breakfast!  The peaches I bought were sweet and juicy and complemented the granola perfectly.  I've found my new favorite summertime breakfast!  It's almost like eating a peach cobbler.)

- Grandma's biscuits with sausage and egg inside, fresh fruit on the side

- Whole Wheat Strawberry Muffins

- scrambled eggs, toast, and Sweet Strawberry-Watermelon Smoothies
- fruit, yogurt, and granola parfaits

Lunch will be whatever anyone grabs.  I'm serious about simple this week, so that usually means some kind of sandwich or leftover with fruits, veggies, and cheese.

- Crock Pot mac 'n' cheese with salad (carry over from last week)
- Grilled Barbecue Chicken Pizza, salad, watermelon
- dinner out during a day trip
- hot dogs, baked beans, carrot sticks, campfire cones - campfire night!
- Make-Your-Own Nacho Night
- Something grilled in honor of Father's Day - maybe steak, potato skins, corn, salad, Ice Cream Cake?
- Dinner out for Father's Day

What are you cooking up this week?

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  1. How do you make BBQ chicken pizza? I think my son would go crazy for something like that!