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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

GratiTuesday - Sleepy Mornings, Here We Come!

Last August 27th our schedules got a lot crazier when our Big Helper headed back to public school for first grade.  Suddenly there was another lunch to be packed, a person to wake up each morning, to rush to pick up each afternoon, and then to work on homework with afterwards.  In between the morning and afternoon rush life was fairly calm.

Except for those few minutes just before dropping her off or picking her up - especially on days when My Little Man was still asleep.

My husband usually drops our girl off at school, and they love that time together, but on certain days of the week his work schedule doesn't allow it.

Enter the Little Man and I.

Since it's not every day, his body doesn't adapt to it.  Since it's not every day, I hate make him get up early every day for those few.  Since he's not in public school right now, I try to afford him those few small freedoms - and sleeping in occasionally seems reasonable, especially for a young five-year-old who rarely naps.

So on those early mornings, I wake him up just in time to trundle him off to the car for the ride to school.

Sometimes he perks right up, eager to see his big sister before she leaves for the day.

Sometimes he's not nearly ready to be awake and the tears fall.

But after tomorrow morning, I'm done waking him.  We're done with random early mornings.  WE'RE DONE WITH FIRST GRADE!  I can't wait to have my Big Helper home again!

I'm so looking forward to settling into our summer schedule together, and while most of our summer plans will be happening in the next few weeks, after a few special activities, we'll be able to establish our own summer routine.

Where I don't have to wake anybody up.  :-)

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  1. Oooohhh...sleepy mornings are a beautiful luxury. Have a wonderful week with everyone home and no tearful not-ready-to-get-up-yet mornings. :)