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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GratiTuesday - A Finished Deck

You might remember a few weeks ago that our deck was, well, missing.  Having been severely aged by weather, it was no longer in good condition and was rapidly nearing the 'dangerous' point.  My husband decided to use his vacation to replace it, and soon we were left with this:

That was a bit scary, I must admit, because I didn't know how to replace it - and neither did he.

But after two days of demo work and then two days of nailing on new boards, soon this could be seen outside.

Our Big Helper became an expert board-holder.

She was a huge help to her daddy, and they had fun building the new deck together.

Now it looks like this, and we're enjoying it so much more than we used to.  It's a great place to eat breakfast after a run or to hang out in the early mornings with my Bible.  :-)

This project is by far the biggest that we've tackled on this house in a long time, and it scared me to tear off something so large, but my husband did a fabulous job of replacing it, and we're all loving our new outdoor space!

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  1. It's beautiful! You'll be enjoying it for years to come.

  2. It looks great! How wonderful that your big helper got to help Dad!