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Thursday, July 19, 2012

"The Beauty Book" by Nancy Rue

The Beauty Book: It's A God Thing  -     
        By: Nancy Rue

Where do tween girls go for information about what's beautiful?  Cinderella's no longer the "in" thing - and there's a media blitz happening in the American culture ready to show our youth super skinny, air-brushed bodies.  Nancy Rue combats this with The Beauty Book:  It's a God Thing.  Half devotional, half how-to book, Rue writes each chapter in a magazine format that contains scripture, space for prayers, and question-and-answer sections, in addition to direct information.  You'll learn how to give yourself a manicure as well as how to handle parental disagreements about piercings and clothing styles.  

Rue writes in a very direct, no-nonsense style.  The information is clear and concise, easy to understand and very sensible.  When the Bible gives directions about a certain topic, she answers simply, and when the question is more about when to begin a certain practice, she's quick to point to parental wisdom and guidance.

For a tween seeking information, this is a great resource.  The how-to's are great and the information is the exact stuff I remember wondering at this age.  I wish I'd had a resource like this to read!  

With that in mind, however, I was hoping to give you my daughter's perspective on this book, but I found that (at seven) she is not yet ready for the information in this book.  While we could read certain parts of certain chapters and have fun with, say, giving each other pedicures (which we sometimes do), there is too much information about puberty in this book for her to read independently.  She's just not there yet.  So while this would be great for girls who know the basics of puberty and need help knowing how to handle zits and hairy legs, we'll be holding off for a few more years.  

If you know of someone who's suddenly feeling more like the frog than the princess, be sure to check out The Beauty Book.  It may help put her back on track.

I received a free copy of The Beauty Book from Tommy Nelson in exchange for an honest review.

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