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Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Starring Me" by Krista McGee

Starring Me

Kara McCormick is a Long Island teen who dreams of seeing her name in lights.  She loves performing and making others laugh, so when she receives a call about auditioning for a new show in Florida, she hops on the first plane out.

Chad Beacon is a young singing sensation who's tired of being tackled by adoring females.  Ready to transition into television and use his acting talent, he's found the perfect show to host - but his parents won't give him permission unless they approve of his female cohost.  Can they find a fun, talented girl - who's also a Christian?

Starring Me is a fabulous, lighthearted read!  This book sparks with perkiness the whole way through.  Even though Kara is not a person of faith in the beginning, she is surrounded by them, and her openness to discuss new things is refreshing.  Her kindness and compassion definitely make her the star of the book, and in this regard she is held up as a shining example of how we should all behave.  The contrast between Kara's behavior and that of her housemates is a stark reminder of how to and not to be.

McGee writes quirky scenarios and fun vignettes, all of which add to the charm of this book.  The mood of the story, even when Kara's facing hard things, just makes the reader happy, and that's rare today.

By far the best aspect of this story to me was the example set by the Christian characters.  Being exceptionally kind, speaking of their faith often, and sharing their beliefs without pushing are things that we can all do to live like Jesus, but one other stood out.  Chad and Kara are friends with two other teens who are attracted to each other and are considering a relationship, and that's what's so wonderful:  they're teens who are considering it.  They're going slow, getting to know each other, and deciding what they want out of a relationship before ever moving forward at all..  That's rare in the world today, and even more so to find played out in our media today.  To see such a relationship held up as an example in a new book was wonderful.

All in all, Starring Me is a perky read that should make any teen laugh.  As a mom, it's the kind of book I want my kids to read when they hit their teen years.  You can't go wrong with Starring Me.

I received a free copy of Starring Me from the BookSneeze Program in exchange for an honest review.

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