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Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Come to the Table" by Neta Jackson

Come to the Table, SouledOut Sisters Series #2

“If you give a cup of cold water to the least of these you will surely be rewarded.”  ~ Matthew 10:42

Neta Jackson's newest book is based on this verse.  Kat Davies wants to share her food knowledge with those in need, but as a new Christian, how best can she do that?  This calling becomes particularly difficult when her new friends at church are not totally on board with the idea.  With relationship complications among her apartment mates, no teaching job in site, and jealousy looming on the love horizon, her summer is not shaping up as planned.  

With a large cast of characters, this book took me a chapter or two to figure out the role that each person played, but then I'm never good with names, and when this plot began to roll, it really moved.  I love the realism of the characters - Nick, Kat's flatmate and love interest, felt pressure as a pastoral intern as well as maintain the proper image.  His mix of wisdom and innocence felt right for a person in his position.  Kat, however, was written beautifully.  As a young on-fire Christian, she wanted to follow Jesus but still had lots to learn.  Her passion and fire made her an exciting lead.

My favorite aspect of this book is the the way that Jackson melded faith lessons with real life and issues.   Jackson explores the issues of hunger in America and what we as Christians can do about it as Kat struggles to set up a food pantry in a Chicago neighborhood.  Jackson doesn't pretend to have all the answers to these issues, but this book could serve as a great opener to a group wanting to discuss American hunger.

If you like contemporary novels, you should definitely check out Come to the Table.  It has a lot to offer.

I received a free copy of this book from B&B Media in exchange for an honest review.

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