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Friday, December 7, 2012

Great Big Christmas Giveaway from My Nest to Yours

I have only one very favorite part of Christmas: singing Silent Night with my family by candlelight on Christmas Eve.

As a kid we'd get all dressed up, head to church early for good seats, and I'd wait excitedly for that last, best song.  There was never any question about our plans for that evening, though the traditions continued after church.

When I was really little we had a "work party" after church.  We'd tear the bread for stuffing, chop fruit for the salad, and Dad would clean the turkey.  As we got older, he started making the turkey dance.  That was always so funny!

My favorite part of the after-church time came when he would read a cute book to us - the same one, every year - about a young angel who got lost from heaven on her way to greet the baby king.  She gave away all of her heavenly treasures and had to be cared for humans.  I loved snuggling up next to Dad while he read.

Now, my family continues those traditions in our own way.  We never miss church on Christmas Eve, and we still sing Silent Night by candlelight there.  We've been known to head to the church hours early so that we could get the perfect seats for the kids to be able to see everything that would happen.  The wonder on their faces as the candlelight spreads throughout the sanctuary is amazing.  I'll never forget the looks on their faces as they were aware of the beauty for the very first time.

Of course, Christmas isn't really about 'pretty,' and the first one in a smelly stable probably wasn't.  So after church we have a birthday party for Jesus, and we invite whomever we find.  We look for those who have nowhere else to go.  The kids and I bake a birthday cake, and we sing Happy Birthday with lit candles, and then we munch on appetizers, cake, and hot chocolate by the fire.  Before bedtime, my husband reads a picture book that shares the true meaning of Christmas with the kids - usually a different one each year.

So with these traditions in mind, I've put together a collection of items for you to enjoy.  These things say "Christmas" to me!  One winner will receive a copy of Finding Our Way Home and Wrapped in Rain, both stories of forgiveness and redemption (the point of Christmas, is it not?), a bag of assorted classic Godiva Truffles, a set of Paula Deen recipe cards to share those fabulous dishes you'll be making this month, and (not pictured here) a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter below, and be sure to enter the other great giveaways happening this week during my Nest's Great Big Christmas Giveaway!


  1. My favorite Christmas memory happened in 2007...within the space of a month, both boys were hospitalized, one with a collapsed lung that needed surgery, and one with a staph infection that was between two of his vertabrae. They both came through it fine and are perfectly healthy now - we had no tree up, no decorations, our house was a health hazard - but the best Christmas memory is the two of them home and on the way to recovery by Christmas. It was a fantastic celebration. God was very good to us that year....well, every year!

  2. Don't count this as another entry....I forgot to answer the Christmas tradition question!
    My favorite tradition is taking all the ornaments out and remembering who gave each one to us as we hang them on the tree. Especially precious are the ornaments that are from loved ones no longer with us.

  3. My favorite Christmas memory:
    When I was growing up (I'm 41 now), we would always be at my Grandmother's house on Christmas Eve. She and Grandpa (passed from Cancer several years ago) would sit in their chairs with all the rest of the family milling about. Grandma would make her "goulash", and my great-aunt would always bring apple fritters. I can smell them now!

  4. Our third son was born in December and I returned home with him on Christmas Eve--it was such a special Christmas, as you might imagine. Quiet. At home with my family. Low-key. Worshipful. And, many tender moments with a newborn baby with Mary and Jesus very much on my mind.

  5. My favorite christmas memory is the first year we had children big enough to know it's Christmas ~ seeing the joy in their face and excitement was so fun

  6. My favorite memory is enjoying delicious brunch with all my family!