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Monday, December 3, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - December 3, 2012

I'm excited to do a bit of baking this week.  I got a doughnut pan for my birthday, and I'm ready to try it out!  There are oodles of yummy-sounding recipes out there!

We're beginning our December studies in earnest this week as the decorating is nearly complete and everybody is finally almost healthy.  With a slower schedule and nice weather, I'm looking forward to lots of Christmas crafts and baking with the kids.

Here's the initial plan:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal
- Scrambled eggs, oranges, and toast
- Hot chocolate doughnuts and oranges
- Fresh fruit and Cinnamon Almond Granola
- Cinnamon roll baked oatmeal

- Grilled hamburgers, baked black beans, and a simple salad
Slow Cooker Caribbean Chicken & Veggies
- Turkey tacos, corn, and salad
- Baked potato bar with cheese, bacon, and broccoli
Cheeseburger Mac 'n' Cheese (CCC), salad
- Roast beef, Mom's Baked Corn, Rice, applesauce
- Grab it and Growl

I'd like to try these recipes this week:
- Overnight bread
- Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

We're also hosting another meeting of our Big Helper's book club, and we're planning to serve these refreshments:
Black Magic Cake with Cheesecake Filling and Chocolate Ganache (CCC)
- hot chocolate

What are you cooking this week?

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