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Monday, December 31, 2012

What We're Up To

No matter how hard we try, the month of December always becomes super busy.  This month, we've 

made Christmas presents by hand, beginning with the measuring and sanding

and then drawing, painting, and detailing.

We went on our annual Christmas Family Date.

We decorated our tree and platform.

The kids helped to make and decorate cookies, which we shared with friends, neighbors, firefighters, and clerks all over the Triangle region.

My Little Man learned to pipe icing and decorated his first cake - one of our two birthday cakes for Jesus.

We attended Christmas eve services at our church and celebrated with a birthday party for Jesus after.

We visited family out of state and enjoyed sledding in their snow, 

as well as having impromptu snowball fights

and building a snowman where some thought it impossible.

 I watched my daughter dance and twirl in the dress that my great-aunt made for me to wear in her daughter's wedding as flower girl.  I LOVED that dress!

We completed our first semester of SPRING, our church's scripture class for elementary students.  They learned this passage from Isaiah in the fall.  We're using Beth Guckenberger's Tales of the Not Forgotten as our curriculum.

So, life has felt a bit hectic around here.  I'm hoping that next week we'll resume our normal family schedule, but for the next few days, as we slowly take down Christmas decorations, find homes for new Christmas gifts, and catch up on our sleep after our travels, I'm going to continue my unofficial blogging break.  Come back on January 7th for some fun new recipes, though, and there will be a giveaway not too far behind!

Happy New Year from Our Nest to Yours!

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