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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

GratiTuesday - First Dates

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Eleven years ago yesterday I went on a first date.  I didn't know it would be my last one.  ;-)

After we were married, my husband excitedly wished me happy anniversary one day.  I thought he was very confused since we got married in June and it was now December, but he explained that it was the anniversary of our first date.  I couldn't believe that he knew the date, but he was certain he did.

See, our first date was a bit crazy by most people's standards.
  • It happened during the Christmas season when we both had lots of professional commitments.  He rearranged some to go out that night, and I made it home just in time to greet him at the door.  
  • I was grumpy from trying to figure out the proper way to help a child receive needed clothing.  Just because help is available doesn't mean that it's easy to get!
  • The restaurant we planned to go to was unexpectedly closed.
  • He was the consummate young professional, and with the workday behind me, I was much more comfortable in my jeans than anything starched.
He asked to call me again, but I thought he was just being polite.  It wasn't that I didn't like him - I really liked listening to his accent and at dinner he was a great conversationalist - but we seemed so different that I didn't see how anything would work out.    

Then he called a few days later, and we made plans to see a movie.

When he showed up in some old jeans and ratty sneakers, I decided that maybe we weren't so different after all.  

The rest, as they say, is history.

I never kept track of the date after that crazy night out, but he did, and after we got married, he got out calendars and proved it.

Most people say that men aren't romantic.  That they forget dates and don't worry about sentimental stuff, but that's not true about my husband.  He may not be much of a wine-and-candles kind of guy, but he remembers the important stuff.

Every. Single. Year.

Sometimes the calendars clear and we make it back to that same restaurant for a dinner out on December 10th.  We couldn't do that this year, but he's been wishing me 'happy anniversary' for days, and we found a bit of time to play a game together, too.

It really is the thought that counts.  It's so nice to know that he remembers and cares and makes a point to highlight those special times in our relationship.

Happy anniversary to us.  

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  1. Amy, I'm so glad you like my journaling post. :) My two at home are the last of my five still learning at home (the oldest three are all married). It is my hope that the journaling they've done this year will stick with them; that the habit will be deeply rooted, and they'll continue throughout their lives!

    Happy anniversary wishes to you and your dh -- what a sweet guy to remember your first date. My dh is the same way. :)