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Monday, December 10, 2012

Great Big Christmas Giveaway: Organizing the New Year

I have a not-so-secret love of office supplies.

I can be found every August wandering the aisles of Target, admiring the larger-than-usual selection of pens and paper.  I admire the array of ink colors and the wide selection of Post-it notes, but my absolute favorite are the planners.

Not just any old calendar, but the ones that have spaces for everything.  The ones that have a month-at-a-glance pages and then break down each week into big, beautiful boxes always enthrall me.  Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I love the idea of having a place to write down our plans, and now that we're homeschooling, this is more important than ever.

That's what first caught my eye about Tatorbug Creations.  Stephanie is now making custom planners!

I've seen planners all over the 'Net.  Selling for crazy prices, some allow you to change the column headings, but for the most part they're like computer software - what you see is what you get.

Stephanie builds in more choices than that, however, and it can even be personalized with pictures just for you!  She beats the prices of those other planners by far, too.

I'm seriously jealous about today's giveaway.  Can I enter, too?

Stephanie at Tatorbug Creations is giving away one custom planner today!  She'll work with you to design the organizational tool you need.

God Makes Lemonade: True Stories that Sweeten and Inspire  -     
        By: Don Jacobson

We're also giving away a pink Joy bag and God Makes Lemonade book to keep your days refreshed and joyful when your calendar pages fill up.

Enter our giveaway below using the Rafflecopter widget.  Hurry - this giveaway closes out tomorrow at midnight!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I prefer pen & paper calendars. There's just something about being able to write, scribble & doodle all over the day. Like a grown-up "fill in the blank" puzzle :)

  2. I need help to stay on task to accomplish all my goals. I need a place to organize my household chores, homeschool and ministry work.