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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GratiTuesday - Joy in the Simple

My Little Man turned six yesterday, and we celebrated his birthday with family over the weekend.  He loves being outside more than anything else, so we've been praying for good weather, and God blessed us with that in abundance.

After the breakfast of his choice - pancakes and mountains of fruit - we headed to a local park that surrounds a big lake for hiking.  Of course, we had to gather lots of rocks to throw into the water, too.  The air was cool with a slightly chilly breeze, but the sun was warm, and we were able to hike for quite a while, as well as hang out on a dock and feed the fish swimming underneath it.  He loved that!

We picnicked in a pavilion, played catch on the playground, and hiked a bit more.  He even ran part of the way back with me - and my Little Man is not a fan of running.  I love to run with him, though!

When we returned home, my husband set to work on our campfire.  It was soon ready for the big birthday dinner - roasted hot dogs, more mountains of fruit, and salad, all to be followed by birthday cake.

He was wildly excited to be running around outside all day and eating all of his favorite foods.  It was so fun to watch him!

We stayed outside by the fire past the point of total darkness.  He even opened his presents out there, despite the fact that we couldn't tell what color anything was.  It was a cool evening by a warm fire, and he reveled in every bit of it.

My Little Man has been especially excited about his birthday this year, and I'm not sure what caused the extra excitement.  It has been wonderful to see him be so excited about these simple things, though - a day spent outside, time with family, fresh fruit, a warm fire - and know that he's happy.  He neither needed nor wanted expensive toys, new gadgets, or elaborate plans; he was happy to share his favorite things with us.

That made us pretty happy, too.

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