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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother's Day Movie Night Giveaway!

We think that most can agree... Moms are the best - and they do a lot for us! Now it’s time to return the favor and celebrate this Mother’s Day by giving mom the movie night she deserves! Celebrate Sunday, May 12th in the best way possible by spending quality time with your family and watch one of YOUR favorite classic films! Watching a classic flick together tells the story of a different time and place, and is the perfect opportunity to catch up and share stories with your family... tell them something that they never knew about Mom! 

One person who enters the contest below will win the Mother’s Day Movie Night Blog App And We will give you one of the following Blu-ray titles to give away to your readers! (Prize will be chosen randomly from the titles below!)
- A Star is Born (1976) (Blu-ray)
- Cabaret (1972) (Blu-ray)

You can enter by leaving a separate comment to answer each of the questions below.    You'll receive one entry for each comment that you leave.  Contest closes on Monday, May 6th at noon EST.  No PO boxes, please.  Prizes will be sent via UPS or FedEx and are being supplied by Warner Bros.

  • Share your score from the Guess-the-Scene game in the widget above.
  • What's your all-time family-favorite movie of all time?
  • What are your Mother's Day plans?
  • Use the story below and fill in the blanks.  Leave a comment sharing your answers.
  • Share this post via your favorite social media and tell how you shared in the comments.
Warner Bros.  supplied the widgets and prizes for this giveaway.


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  2. Good morning, it’s your dream Mother’s Day! Anything can happen! Waking up after sleeping in, I’m greeted with a breakfast of bacon (food). I’m spending the morning relaxing while watching my all-time favorite musical Les Miserables (movie title). I remember watching it for the first time when I was 29 years old. Of course, I can’t watch this movie without my favorite movie snack reeses pieces ! For lunch, my friends and I are taken to dine at Sobelmans(restaurant). Bouquets of tulips (flower) greet us on arrival. On our way home, our car unexpectedly hits a time warp and we’re teleported back to the set of my favorite romance film! I find myself playing the role of my favorite character Dark Claw (character). Suddenly, I’m hollywood’s next big star! I’m strutting down every red carpet and being invited to all the exclusive premieres... I’m even dating the cutest movie star Emma Stone and our celebrity couple name is who cares. Suddenly I wake up and find myself safely back in my bed. Looks like I must have dozed off and started dreaming!

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    1. You've won this Mother's Day Movie Giveaway! Please email your full name and mailing address to within 48 hours to claim your prize. Congratulations!