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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Inspired Wednesday - Take a Break

I love finding exciting things for my kids to do.  They love crafts, baking, exploring maps, playing games, and going on field trips to dig their hands into our current topic of study.  This is exactly what I've always wanted to do.

But .... it's also exhausting.  We rarely do workbooks or worksheets.  No two days look exactly the same, and while our kids are wildly enthusiastic about learning, and I wouldn't change that for anything ... sometimes we all need a break from our unusual routine.

This week we are not setting alarms.  We're  not getting out of bed until we feel like it, and we're not doing anything structured (except for basic chores).  

How does that work?  

I basked outside in the 70-degree sunshine, pulling onion grass from my flower beds, while the kids ran and played.  They used rubber bands and built "bows" from sticks and practiced "shooting" a variety of objects to see which ones worked best.  Sounds like physics to me.  

My Little Man was excited to read the new book he got for Easter, and while I would have loved to listen, he snuggled up next to his big sister and began reading Xander Nash.  Hmmm ... a reading lesson.

Both kids spent time hanging out on the couch, working on sticky mosiacs given to them for Easter.  Art, anyone?  My Little Man continually wanted to know how many tiles he had left of the color that he was working on, and so he counted them over and over, subtracting to find out how many remained.  Math.

Oh, and me?  I'm emptying out my inbox, doing a bit of writing, planning some new field trips, and working on a big stack of ironing - in between observing all the fun that the kids are having.

We enjoy being a bit more structured that this usually, but this kind of break is good for all of us.  With nowhere to be and the freedom to bounce between projects, we're all having a great week.  

Next week we're return to our regular routine, recharged and ready to go.

How often do you take breaks?

Last week In All You Do linked up a post offering a free gardening unit. I love unit studies - they allow us to be thoroughly immersed in our education.  To find out more, visit In All You Do - and In All You Do, please visit our Inspired Wednesday page and take the "I was featured on Washed Up Inspired Wednesdays' button back with you.  

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  1. Your days sound great - and you are so right - anything can become a "teachable moment" even if it doesn't happen in a traditional classroom setting.
    How often do I take breaks? Hmm. I'm not so good at that - I do use vacation days at work, but they tend to be used to "do" something - dr. appt, trip to Indianapolis to help a friend's daughter with a fundraiser, etc.... And those are all good things, but I don't know if it counts as a break? I am longing to be able to have a vacation day from work where I just stay home and work around the house. Probably not this month, but maybe in May! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. This sounds wonderful Amy. You are always doing such great and fun things with your kiddos. I continue to look forward to what you guys are up to.