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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GratiTuesday - KLOVE Played in Public

KLOVE is played just about 24/7 in our house.  A national Christian radio station out of California, I found it shortly after getting married and loved it immediately.  Now our children dance around the house, singing along with Chris Tomlin and Third Day and asking when we can go see Casting Crowns again.  :-) (Our Big Helper calls secular music "wild  music" and always asks to change the station if it happens to get flipped.)

You can imagine our excitement when we went to visit a pool in central VA while on vacation.  Under new management this season, we had heard great things about it - one of them being that KLOVE was played over the PA system.

This pool is a great one for lots of reasons ...

It's fairly big and usually not too crowded, with a nice snack shop and reasonable prices.

The baby pool is just big enough.

One side of the pool has two diving boards, which my Big Helper tried out and LOVED.

They've added these nice new tables and chairs, complete with umbrellas.  A great place to sit for a snack!

What was really great was the management staff itself.  This man came and scrubbed away at the walls of the baby pool in the middle of the afternoon!  That never happened before - and when I thanked him for playing KLOVE, he replied that it was "a real blessing."

I think the true blessing is this new management staff.  While all the niceties of the pool are ... well,  .... nice, they are the ones making the changes.  They are the ones holding firmly to KLOVE when other staff members try to change it.  They display a KLOVE sticker proudly in the front window and are not ashamed of their faith or their belief that this pool can be a better, more family friendly place to be.

Really, in this current day and age, how many public places do you hear playing Christian music?  Where are we still allowed to bow our heads and pray?  Where can we recite scripture, sing a praise song, hang a cross without fear of retaliation or being sued?

Our world is changing.  Our country is changing.  And while the Bible warns us that this will happen, that doesn't make it any easier to watch.

So today, I'm grateful for this community pool and the nice people who manage it.  I'm grateful for people who will stand up for their faith ... who are willing to stand in the public eye and let their beliefs be known, come what may.

May more of us do the same.

Have you seen anyone taking a public stand for their beliefs lately?

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