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Monday, August 29, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - August 29, 2011

This past week turned out nothing like we expected.  With my Big Helper heading off to first grade on Monday, we planned a few days of getting up and going to bed early and lots of family time and play dates in between - but then the first-grader to be got sick.  The tummy bug hung on for days and radically changed our plans, but there were lots of good things that happened while we hung out together.  Our activities changed - but we still had quality family time.

Some of the highlights for me were:

Seeing the excitement with which my Little Man grabbed my hand and pulled me along to show off his newest backyard discovery.

My Big Helper's excitement over her newly painted back-to-school fingernails.  Pink and sparkly!

Outside, both in green, makin' mud pies under the play set.  I love watching them play together.  They're so content with each other's company!

The view from my backyard hammock.  Isn't it amazing just how many shades of green God uses to color the leaves??

Tummy bug finally gone, my Big Helper finally starts first grade (only one day late!) and loves her teacher already.

Our British-style tea party was a smashing success!  More to come on that topic later.

The view from our deck mid-Hurricane Irene.  Despite all the huffing and puffing and bending of trees, we suffered only with some fallen branches and lots of scattered leaves.

Irene even dropped off a turtle in front of our house!  They were so excited! 

We may be raising a truck lover, but he loves his books just as much - if not more.

This one may seem a bit weird, but I'm very proud of this one in particular.  We've been having a very  (seemingly) minor issue in the kids' bathroom, but despite my best efforts, I couldn't seem to take care of it.  My husband doggedly went after it - with no prompting from me, I might add - and determined it not to be the surface issue I thought but a much deeper plumbing one - and consequently spent the second half of the day tearing apart this throne and, after three trips to Lowe's for parts, put it back together, issue fixed.  Isn't he good??   :-)

Despite the craziness of your week, what blessings have you been given?

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