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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are You a Daily Dealer?

There's a lot of those daily deal sites out there, and some of them I enjoy more than others.  I don't make use of them too often - we're far enough outside the big city to make some of the ones I'd really like not practical, like traveling weekly for dance lessons - but for the one-time-use events, they can be really great.

Shhh, don't tell, but I bought one of my husband's birthday presents this way.  I think he'll really like it - and I got a great deal!

I've had really good luck with Groupon.  I haven't used the Groupon Now site, but it seems to be very similar - just with a faster turnover time.

What do you think of these kinds of sites?  Have you used them?  Found any great deals?

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