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Monday, January 9, 2012

Multitudes on Monday - January 9, 2012

Does it ever seem like there's a whole week of only happy in your house?  I keep looking for it - waiting for it - wanting it; but it always seems as if something crazy happens.  This week, the washing machine flooded again, causing lots of extra cleaning, which was rather depressing, but then again ...

  • With so much 'flood' experience, it was cleaned up faster than ever.
  • My laundry room has been returned to a pristine condition - with much less clutter.
We also ...

- had lots of fun with 'T is for Truck' week.

- found several new recipes that even the pickiest eater in the household liked ....

- and one that quickly became my new favorite.

- A free family hot chocolate night at McDonald's turned into a smoothie night when their hot chocolate machines broke.  Not sure how that happens, exactly, but since I like smoothies much better, it all worked out for me.

- My Little Man has really loved the new family Nook.  We found a free Smithsonian app that allows us to watch short videos about sharks and dinosaurs. I love watching how fast he picks up the new technology!

We've also:
  • enjoyed our first-ever family Oregon Trail.  
  • my husband spent a fun day with the kids away from the house while I put away the Christmas decorations.
  • my husband and our Big Helper did the dishes for me on Friday night.  Yay!
  • my family delivered a healthy lunch to me mid-tree removal yesterday.  So yummy.
  • I've eaten less sugar over the past few days.  Definitely a must.

So despite the usual craziness, there have been lots of good things this week.  What blessings have you received this week?

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