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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Behind the Veils of Yemen" by Audra Grace Shelby

Behind the Veils of Yemen: How an American Woman Risked Her Life, Family, and Faith to Bring Jesus to Muslim WomenWith not much more than a wing and a prayer, Audra Grace Shelby, her husband, and their three children headed off to Yemen to serve as Christian missionaries.  Feeling God's call but uncertain as to how she could serve her new veiled neighbors, Audra Grace slowly reached out, prayed hard, and began to make a difference in the far East.

Written as a narrative story, this account follows her family from the application process through nearly all of their time abroad.  Through serious illnesses, culture shock, severe weather and new languages, Shelby explains how her family adapted and reached out through many differences to share the love of Jesus with their  new neighbors.

Shelby truly personalizes the culture through her story.  Though many of us may be aware of some oppressive cultural customs that exist in the Middle East, we may not be aware of just how those are actually carried out - and how the women living under these restrictions really feel.  This book will both make you aware of our Eastern neighbors and of their great need:  need for love, need for prayer, and need for understanding, just to name a few.

Behind the Veils of Yemen would make a wonderful introduction to Muslim culture and the life of an Eastern missionary. Don't miss this book!

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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