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Monday, January 16, 2012

GratiTuesday - The Benefits of New Technology

My husband and I agreed some time ago that we weren't going to be techno-crazy.  I'm usually more interested in computer stuff than he is, but as far as fancy phones and other gadgets go, we let it pass us by.  That even includes things like basic cable and video games.

But for Christmas he bought me a Nook.

Not just any Nook, but one of the fancy-pantsy online-almost-anywhere can-do-a-million-things for me kind.

At first I was a bit confused.  I mean, really, aren't these super expensive?  And aren't we trying to save money? And didn't we agree not to chase the gadgetry?

But before I could figure out how to express my missing excitement (because despite all that other stuff, there's just something about holding a book full of printed words in your hands, you know?) he started to explain.

  • He noticed me running back and forth from the computer in the living room to the kitchen to read recipes when I'm cooking, and he thought that this way I could just take the Nook to the kitchen and save the running around.  It would be simpler.
  • There are lots of educational apps available, and he thought that the kids could learn a lot from playing with them.
  • There's a Bible app, and he thought I would get a lot out of having the Bible digitally at my fingertips wherever I go - and that I'd like having devos show up on the Nook daily.
Since I do love technology and it was already in the house, we plugged it in and got it going.

I love all of those reasons.  They show how thoughtful my husband was being with this gift, and I love that.  That's the very best kind of gift - a really thoughtful one.

Except my husband didn't foresee the best thing about the Nook.

All of those apps?  Most of which are free?

They're FUN.

The kids now ask for special Nook time with us.  They know that their screen time limits include Nook time, but both have learned how to play checkers, and they'll race to get chores done after dinner so we can squeeze in a special game of checkers, just two of us.  

My Big Helper and I have had lots of fun playing Hangman (yes, I know it's grisly, and I realize we could play with paper just as well, but, oh, well, why not?) and she's gotten lots better just in this month of figuring out working with the letters.  She's learning the strategies.

But best of all, there's OREGON TRAIL!  You may not know that I'm a bit of a history nut, and when I was in elementary school we got to play this wonderful game that mimicked the travelers on the Oregon Trail.  Well, we found it - it's back! - now in HD and with all kinds of new activities for the homesteaders.  Hunting and shopping are still there, but now you can fish, pick berries, pan for gold, really float down rivers, trade with the Natives - it's great!  We all love it, and so if everybody can get ready in time, we all squeeze onto the couch for a few days' journey over the trail before devotions time begins.

The kids are at those strange ages where it's not easy to play games together, and since my husband is not a a fan of board games to start with, it's particularly difficult.  Yet we all seem to work well together to repair our wagon and beat off the buzzard that's trying to fly away with a digital kid and cheer on our wagonload together.  

I love the family time that the Nook has encouraged.

I love the thoughtful husband behind the Nook.

I love my family, squeezed tight together, laughing heartily, making memories.

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  1. It sounds like you have a really healthy relationship with technology... and your husband :) What a blessing!