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Monday, January 2, 2012

GratiTuesday - Hanging Out

School resumed today, although my husband had the day off, and so we began moving towards our normal schedules.  When school is in session, it's hard for us to play together during the week because of early bedtimes, so we made the most of our long Christmas break.  

There were the wonderful worshipful times at church and at home, around our tree and the Advent wreath.

Watching the men clown around ...

and these two have fun together. 

The kids and I spent a day finishing up Christmas errands and enjoying a kids' museum.  They had new blocks! So fun.

There were artsy times, too, mostly revolving around thank you cards, but with beads and games and other activities, too.

My husband bought us a Nook for Christmas, and so we've all had fun learning what all it can do and playing lots of games on it together.  Both kids have figured out how to play checkers and My Big Helper is now a Hangman fan.  I love playing games!

So today, I'm grateful for all the family time we've had over the past few weeks, hanging out (mostly) at home and just spending time together.  Not doing anything extraordinary but just making the most of all the ordinary moments together.

I love those.

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