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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In Need of Birthday Help

At the end of this month my husband will turn FORTY.  One of those LANDMARK birthdays.  

While we usually keep birthdays pretty simple around here, somehow his always ends up being extra simple. Maybe because it falls so soon after Christmas and I'm all out of ideas and resources, but whatever the case, I want to make this special birthday memorable.  

I've never planned a fortieth, though, and have never really even planned a birthday party for an adult, so I need some help.  

Here's what I know:
  • I will have a small amount of financial resources to put behind the final plan.
  • His birthday takes place on a Saturday, so we have all day - and possibly the whole weekend.
  • My man has a wide variety of interests - he likes the beach, the snow, sports, movies, foodie things, and being outside in general.
  • He does not want a party.
  • He does want to spend the day as a family.

So, help a girl out? Have you had a memorable birthday or gift?  Given one?  Any suggestions??

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