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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GratiTuesday - Learning to Ride

For several  months I've been asking My Big Helper about removing her training wheels.  Each time I'd mention it, she would stare at me and then flatly refuse.  Reading books about Franklin learning to ride and other favorite characters didn't help.  Sharing my favorite learning-to-ride stories didn't help.

I was starting to think she'd be riding to high school in training wheels.

Then Saturday, after the Easter egg hunt at church and before dying our eggs, I mentioned this to her daddy.  When he asked her to give it a try, she tentatively agreed.

Looking scared, she perched on the seat as Daddy pushed her across the yard.  Though she seemed to be balancing well, she was afraid to keep her feet on the pedals.

After a few attempts and her refusal to pedal, he pushed her across the street and into a yard, where she headed down a slight incline - and the momentum from the hill kept her upright.

She loved it!

Back on the street, she started to pedal as Daddy pushed - and within 30 minutes from start to finish, she was riding up and down the street, turning on her own and laughing happily.

She never did fall.  I've never seen a kid learn to ride a bike and not fall at least once.

What is better than hearing your child laugh happily?

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