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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GratiTuesday - An Unexpected Guest

I don't have any pictures to show you this week, but that's a good thing, I think.

Last week while having school time and preparing for story hour at the library, My Little Man suddenly spoke up from his writing.  "Mommy, there's a black bug over there."

Looking up from the bag I was packing full of books, I expected to see a beetle or some other equally yucky but harmless creature scurrying across a corner of the playroom.  The playroom door does lead outside and has a small crack under it if we leave the inner door open, which we had because it was a beautifully warm, sunshine-y spring day.

I didn't see a beetle, though.

Instead, there was a smallish, fuzzy black mouse meandering past the TV and headed for the door into the kitchen.

I screamed, and so then my son screamed, too, confused about what was happening.

We took turns standing on chairs and screaming, watching the confused rodent wander around the far end of the playroom.

When it moved away from the kitchen doorway, I bolted for the kitchen and the phones that were inside.

Upon reaching a human at my husband's office, I was informed that he was with a client.  As I tried to leave a message, the mouse scurried past the doorway again, and I screamed right into someone's ear.

I really am sorry about that.  Give me a bear or cow anyday, but skip the small things that leave irritating messes and get into everything, please.

It must've worked, though, because my husband has never returned a call so fast - ever.  He came home immediately, too, and scooted the mouse out the back door, where said mouse received a death sentence.

It took a few days to be fully convinced that the mouse was gone and that there weren't any more - but there aren't.  Phew.

So today, I'm REALLY HAPPY for unexpected guests that leave quickly.  That are clueless and don't know how to find the hidey holes that their older, more experienced relatives find.  That my husband left work so quickly and 'took care' of that mouse without delay.  That the mouse had no friends and we are, once again, rodent free.

A ten-minute visit from this furry visitor reminded me of just how happy I am to live without rodents.  Please, let me never need to be reminded again.

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  1. What a great hubby!
    My heart pounded while reading that because, like you, I don't DO rodents. :)
    Glad you are back to a state of non-rodent residence.

    1. Wasn't he great to come home so fast? :-)

      I'm very happy to be mouse-free once again!

  2. No thank you! Mice and snakes get a reaction just like yours. When I was a teenager babysitting four young boys a snake crawled out of a heating vent. We spent an hour sitting on the kitchen table singing songs from VBS waiting for their parents to return. Don't you love a hubby that runs to the rescue?