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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GratiTuesday - The Great Outdoors

We live several hours from anyone in my family, and schedules make it difficult to talk as often as I'd like.

That's why it's especially fun when we're able to visit.  This weekend, my sister came down to visit Duke Gardens with us.

We wandered all over the Garden, hitting up our favorite spots and finding a few new ones.  The wildlife was out in full force that day, so we all took our cameras along and tried to get some good shots.  My sister is an especially good photographer, and these don't compare to hers, but here are a few of the animals we saw.

I'm still surprised that we saw this little guy!

This cardinal continued to eat despite our observation.

My Big Helper was particularly interested in the squirrels, and there were many!  This one climbed all over the tree while we watched.

I like to watch the ducks land and take off in the pond.  They never seem to do so the same way twice, and their speed and grace are amazing.

While it was an incredibly hot and sticky day, the animals were gorgeous.  There's something so peaceful about being outside in God's creation, especially when surrounded by so many interesting creatures.  

Having my sister there, too, was definitely the icing on the cake.  

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