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Monday, June 3, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Anniversary Edition

It is hard to believe, but my husband and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this coming weekend!  It doesn't feel as if it's been that long, and yet it almost feels as if our lives have always been intertwined.  Do you ever feel that way??

My husband is working on some big plans, and I've been directed to leave Friday through Sunday open, so this plan won't include meals for those days.  I'll post a full and regular meal plan again next Monday.

In the meantime, here it is:  our abbreviated menu plan for the week.


- yogurt and fruit with Cinnamon Almond Granola
- scrambled eggs and fruit

Applesauce Muffins  and yogurt

- Grilled chicken, brown rice, stir fried veggies

- Grilled sausage in Easy Bolognese Sauce over whole wheat pasta, salad
- Tacos, Spanish rice, salad, watermelon
- Waffles, sausage, fruit

What are you cooking up this week?

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  1. My oldest daughter and her husband will have their tenth anniversary in July. They are having a big party and she planned it for when we can be there. I know how you feel, there comes a point in a marriage that all of sudden you feel like you have never had a life before the marriage. My husband and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary this month. I have lived with him more years than I lived with my parents.