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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hershey Gardens

While we were in Pennsylvania a few months ago, we had to make a trip to Hershey.  When I was little we went there every year, and I have great memories of being there with my family and friends.

This time we received a recommendation to visit the Hershey Gardens, and since we had never been and had just finished studying botany, we decided it sounded like a neat place to go.

It turned out to be the perfect time for my first visit.

The entrance brings you here, near this fountain, which is set just above the formal rose garden.  Since it was the very beginning of May, no roses were blooming yet, but we didn't mind.

The tulips were in full bloom!  Tulips are my very favorite flowers and have been ever since seeing the many kinds of tulips blooming beside my great-grandmother's fence.  She always scolded my great-grandfather when he ran over them with his lawn tractor, and I loved watching them smile and laugh about it.  

We learned from a brochure that there are 42,000 tulip bulbs planted in the garden.  It was gorgeous!

The kids were as excited about the animals they saw as they were about the plants.  My Big Helper spotted a mourning dove and was determined to get as close as possible.  She spent a long time sitting here on the edge of the path as the bird inched closer ...

while My Little Man found a comfy spot to wait!

One thing that was unique to us was the Children's Garden.  This area was very well done - with a Native American garden area, a literature-inspired area, an alphabet herb garden, and interactive exhibits.  My Little Man particularly liked this sundial.

My Big Helper was excited to see this machine that would let her look out over the town of Hershey.  Unfortunately, it wasn't working on this day - but the view was spectacular, anyway.

We had a great day at the Hershey Gardens.  We definitely want to go back when next we're in the area!

What's your favorite park or garden to visit?

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