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Monday, September 12, 2011

GratiTuesday - Behind the Tequila

A few days ago my husband came home with a big grin on his face and a strange-looking object wrapped in a bunch of plastic grocery bags in his arms.  He proceeded to tell me a story:

My husband's job is basically to help clients.  Sometimes he's problem solving, sometimes he's matching clients up with products that will help them, but his days are never the same.

One man has asked for help with a variety of things - all regular things within the realm of my husband's job, but when added together over the course of several visits, my husband has been able to save this man a significant amount of money.

This man is from another country - and he recently returned home for a visit.  When he came back, he came to visit my husband.  He said that he appreciated all that my husband has done for him and had a gift for him - and could he meet my husband in the parking lot after work?

Curious, my husband agreed to meet this client later.  He was surprised to find that the man had purchased a bottle of tequila in his hometown and brought it through customs and all the way across the country - as a gift for my husband.  He also brought two 8x10" postcards for my husband.

These days, big corporations don't seem to say 'thank you' much.  As a man whose love language is words, it's sometimes frustrating to my husband to go the extra mile - as he always does - and not hear those simple words.

My husband is not a drinker, but this has been an exciting gift.  To know that someone thinks enough about your help to carry a gift across a continent is special.

How often do I take the time to thank the people who work every day to make my life easier?  The mail carrier, hair dresser, police officer, doctor, banker?  Those simple gestures mean a lot and they don't have to take much time or money, but they can really brighten someone's day.

I have no idea what will eventually happen with Jose Cuervo, but for now, he's residing on our dresser, where it makes us smile and laugh every time we see it.  My husband is getting a kick out of  telling me about how happy this man was to share this gift with him - and I love seeing the smile on my husband's face, knowing that he's pleased to have been of service.

So today, I'm thankful for the gratitude behind the tequila.  For a man who trusted my husband for help and took the time to express his appreciation afterwards.  For a man who went out of his way to show his thanks - and to make my husband smile.

When's the last time you expressed appreciation for a 'community helper?'  What did you do?  

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  1. A great post. I always remind myself that if I'm willing to make the effort to complain I should put as much effort into praise. I called the IRS one time and asked to speak to the supervisor of a man who had helped me and went out of his way to make sure a problem was solved. Apparently praise doesn't happen often and it took me an hour to get through to the supervisor.