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Friday, September 2, 2011

Making Memories: Stepping Stones

I like involving my children in gift-giving as often as possible, and since our parents need little in the way of traditional, storebought 'gifts,' we usually try to make them something unique.

About the time my son was born, my dad became a Master Gardener through Cooperative Extension and Penn State University.  He started adding to his garden, and so we decided to make them stepping stones for Grandparents' Day!

This was super easy to do with both my four-month-old son and my Big Helper, who was about two then. It worked with our budget, too!

We went to Lowe's and hit the gardening section.  They have many kinds of gardening tiles with a variety of shapes and finishes.  (You can pour your own from cement if that's your thing, of course, but this worked for me - and each tile was only a few dollars.)

On a washable surface, prepare your paint on a flat, disposable or washable plate, a foam brush, and baby wipes or wet cloths.  With the baby/child seated in your lap, hold up a little foot and paint the bottom.  When it's good and wet, gently press it onto the tile to make a footprint.  Wash the painted foot carefully, and then repeat with the other foot to make it look as if s/he walked across the tile.

On the edge, I painted the name and date, and then I repeated this procedure for the other child.

When finished, spray with a sealant to prevent fading or flaking, and  voila!  You've got simple, unique stepping stones!

What are your children giving their grandparents for Grandparents' Day?


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