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Monday, September 5, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - September 5, 2011

What a week - or, maybe I should say, what a weekend!  It has been busy and crazy and nothing has gone like we planned - and yet there have been many good things that have come of the craziness.  A few are:

- My husband took our Big Helper out on a fancy daddy date ...

- and so the Little Man and I went out for an unexpected dinner together!

- A good first full week of school for the Big Helper.  She prefers weekdays right now because she can go to school!

- Several playdates with friends this week.

- A clean bill of health.

- The kittens are beginning to eat solid food and also received a clean bill of health.  They are now ready for forever homes!

- Lunch with a friend and two of her sons.

- The chance to sleep in and rest to get rid of a headache.  That's pretty rare around here!  Everyone else enjoyed time with Mary Poppins.

- On Saturday morning, a sore spot on My Little Man blistered and suddenly needed medical attention - but not of the emergency variety.  After several hours of trying to connect with the on-call doctor at his pediatrician's practice to no avail, we ended up at a local urgent care clinic where the doctors were fabulous, the treatment sensible, and waiting times short.  They even offered us beverages!

- My Little Man had an unpleasant reaction to his new meds, but he is already recovering - in less than 24 hours.  Yay!

- Because of this unexpected medical issue, we stayed in town instead of going to use some gift certificates as we had planned.  While waiting to straighten all of that out, we were out my in-laws' house (they are a pharmacist and nurse) for some medical advice and happened to be there when a big surprise arrived - a horse given to one of the other grandchildren by a family friend and stabled at their  house!  My Big Helper and Little Man are looking forward to making Belle's acquaintance.

What blessings have YOU been given this week?

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