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Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - September 12, 2011

I start a temporary job this week - I'm helping out a friend for a few mornings a week until she can find somebody - and we're still baking away to get some things in the freezer for Disney.  The kids are also taking a how-to-make-soap class after school one day, so we're going for super simple this week!

- Pumpkin scones, bananas
- Pumpkin pancakes, bananas X 2
- Amish baked oatmeal X 3
- Scrambled eggs, toast

Lunches will be our usual assortment of leftovers or sandwiches with sliced fruits/veggies and yogurt/cheese.

- Chicken sandwiches, baked sweet potatoes, cucumbers for the kids - we have a banquet to go to
- Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps, Salad, poppers (recipe to come this week!)
-  Crock Pot Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken over rice with peppers
- Salsa-cheddar chicken with black beans, side salad
- Chicken Cordon Bleu, Crock pot potatoes, green beans
- Grab it and Growl
- Stir fry with broccoli, rice, green beans, carrots, and peppers - and egg rolls

For Disney this week, I'm prepping and freezing:
- Cinnamon quick bread
- Breakfast cake

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  1. Oh my, your menu sounds delicious this week. I've seen those Southwest Wraps on menus two weeks in a row and I'm thinking I need to try them asap.