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Monday, September 19, 2011

GratiTuesday - An Empty Day

As a teacher, I'm accustomed to having a schedule.  Having certain activities on certain days and one thing leading smoothly into another.  It makes the Type A part of my brain feel calm.  

I've struggled with finding a workable schedule for teaching the children, having fun time with them, and keeping up with my household responsibilities since deciding to stay home, but this year I figured it out.  Suddenly my Little Man and I were not slaves to the washing machine, we were spending more time hanging out together, and we were looking forward to this last school year together - and then the wrenches started flying.

I'm helping out a friend a few mornings each week for an undetermined time period.

My Little Man's medical issue still isn't quite cleared up.  We spent Sunday afternoon at the doc's and go to another one tomorrow  morning.  Nothing serious, we don't think - but we want to stay on top of things.  

I'm heading off to Women of Faith in Charlotte this weekend - yippee! - but I must have meals and plans ready for my family to use while I'm away.

And the list continues.

These are all good wrenches.  All good things.  There's nothing wrong with doing these things, but they are making it more difficult for me to stay on top of the basic things I need to do.

I certainly can't say 'no' to them, but I am glad that they are only temporary.

And in the midst of this unusually busy season for us, we have tomorrow - with absolutely nothing on the calendar except for one short doc's appointment.  

And my husband even has the whole morning off from work.  How cool is that?

So tomorrow, we're going to read stories,  Lots of them.

We're going to take advantage of the cooler temps and do some fun baking for our Disney trip.

We're going to spend some time outside playing in the yard, with the kittens or whatever we find that interests us.  

Thank you, God, for this empty day!  I can't wait to fill it - with my family.  

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  1. Those kind of days are few and far between. Hope you are able to relish every precious moment!

  2. Those are the very best sort of days - enjoy!