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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - September 19, 2011

It's been particularly crazy around here this week.  The Big Helper's mysterious spots are gone, but my Little Man's issues are not gone yet, and the docs told me today that they don't know what's causing them.  Scary, but among the items on our list this week are:

- We don't  know what's causing his issues, but God does.
- They don't seem to be bothering him much.

- I only got to catch a small portion of the Lisa TerKeurst/Ann Voskamp webinar, but my Little Man watched it with me - and even took my seat!

- I have a good friend, who not only meets me at 5:30 for exercise and babbling, but was willing to put herself out there to teach us about Korea.

- My husband and the surprise the chocolate he brings me. :-)

- The two loaves of yummy-smelling peach bread My Little Man helped me make and put back for Disney.

- Dinner out with my family.  I couldn't fit us all in one shot, and the lighting was wacky, so I took a picture of my lunch, a few minutes in.  What a yummy salad!

- While out shopping just before lunch, my husband stumbled upon a big sale at the Bass outlet and bought us both new shoes - and I got two pairs!  I'm so excited - my old ones were definitely worn out - and these are so comfortable.

- My in-laws are away on one of their many trips this week, which means that we're filling in as stable hands.  It's nice to know that they trust us with this big responsibility.

- When learning how to care for Belle after school on Friday, I did something goofy inadvertently; I wrapped the lead around my upper arm so I could help lift the saddle on.  I meant to move the rope afterwards because Belle sometimes backs up when you cinch the saddle, but I forgot - and she did.  I ended up running after her as I tried to get the rope off.  Fortunately, she responds well to verbal commands and stopped after only a few steps - and so while I have some crazy bruises on my arm, I'm not hurt.  My Big Helper happily told her daddy, "And Mommy didn't even fall down!"  Mental note to self:  keep rope in hands at all times.  :-)  Lesson learned.

What blessings have you been given this week?

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