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Monday, September 12, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - September 12, 2011

School is definitely back in session and life is getting busier!  Most of our current craziness is because random things beyond our control have been thrown in the mix, but life is definitely hopping.  So this week we're thankful for ...

Last week's unit about dinosaurs.  My Little Man and I really had a chance to be technical with animals and scientific vocabulary, and he really liked it.

A great day at the museum with friends.  :-)

The healing rest of the young (he even fell asleep on Daddy's shoe - now you know he's tired!)  Still not feeling well but workin' hard to keep truckin' ... until sleep just wins out.  The innocence and trust of youth is beautiful!

Despite a re-occurrence of an old back injury, my husband has willingly pursued his medicine and is taking care of it - even reading a book I recommended.  He's being such a good sport - even though I know he's in pain!

So since our men were out of commission tonight, My Big Helper and I snagged the opportunity to go for ice cream!  She was disappointed that I forget my camera - the battery is all but dead - but then she decided that we'd just have to go out again so I could take a picture of her Moose Tracks cone.  She's so funny!  I love getting some chocolate time with my girl.

The kids spent a night with their grandparents and a cousin.  They love staying there and playing with everybody!

They also got to play more with Belle - and give her a bath, too.

Also ...
- a successful surgery for my grandmother
- a safe trip to PA for my parents
- receding flooding surrounding my grandmothers and other extended family in PA

What blessings have you received this week?

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  1. Wow... great list of fun things. Just visiting from Ann's this week. =)