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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Come to the Well" by Casting Crowns

Target is running a special sale on the new Casting Crowns CD called "Come to the Well."  It was just released this week and is currently selling at Target for $11.99.  Making the deal sweeter, if you buy it there before Sunday (when the new sales release), they'll give you a $5 Target gift card back - making your total essentially only $7.

I tried to buy a copy last night, but our Target was sold out.  They're receiving a new shipment on Saturday, though, so if you can't find it, be sure to ask when more might be arriving.  This is a pretty good deal on a new CD - and it features Courageous!

PS - KLOVE is also featuring video devotionals by Mark Hall, the lead singer of Casting Crowns this week, and one watcher can win a visit from Mark Hall to his/her church!

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